What Is Land & Engineering Survey

Engineering survey is an important disciplinary field that serves or support construction project by providing geospatial information for the construction projects phase.

Types of Land & Engineering Survey

Demarcation Survey

To determine and marking of the lot boundary.

Topographic Survey

Topographic survey is to measure the height difference and contour of the ground and existing features on the surface of the earth for the construction design.

Construction stake-out

Construction stake-out also known as setting-out, is to measure and mark the point that will guide the construction of new structures. Surveyor also will provide exact location or measurement for high accuracy structure such as bridge, house and factory development.

Dimensional Control Survey

Fabrication of steel structure requires many components to fit tightly together. This can only be achieved by high accuracy survey measurements of every part to build a complete structure. Dimensional control can achieve required measurements specification and avoid;

  • Re-work due to incorrectly manufactured parts.
  • Clash object due to unanticipated retrofit.
  • Deviation from design plan.

Procedures that need to be dimensionally controlled are alignment, fit-up, length, thickness, ovality, straightness, circumference and as-built. Dimensional control will reduce re-work and inefficiency over the entire fabrication process.

As built Survey

As built Survey is to collect data and present the as built of the structure or any construction object to the client.

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